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Cassie not dropped from bad boy records

HipHop Artist and Founder Of BadBoy Records Diddy has recently talked to MTV News and he has confirmed that Cassie is still with his label putting an end to all the rumors about this matter:

"Cassie's definitely not dropped from Bad Boy," Sean Combs said on the L.A. set of a video for his next Press Play single, "Through the Pain". "She's in the studio working on her next album. So many people are excited to be working with her. ... She was just in the studio with Kanye West. She's going to be doing some stuff with Pharrell. People really understand that she does have some talent and it takes some time to mold it. Everybody's not perfect. I think she had some rough shows, just being nervous. Sometimes people have to break out of that." So that's it Cassie is still with BadBoys

Preview a new song from Cassie in the video below.


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