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Esmee Denters signed!!

YES!! yet another youtube has landed themselves major record! just 2 months after the no.1 musician on youtube MIAAROSE landed herself a big fat record deal with NEXTSELECTION, another girl called esmee denters becomes one of the first to be signed to Justin Timberlakes new lable 'Tennman Records' aswell as opening up his concerts around europe! here are the dates!

June 16 in the Arena (Amsterdam, Holland)
June 19 in the Gloave (Stockholm, Sweden)
June 21 in the Valhalle (Oslo, Norway)
June 23 in the Parken (Copenhagen, Denmark)
June 25 in the Scandanavian (Gothenberg, Sweden)
June 27 in the Sports Palais (Antwerp, Belgium)

Congrats Esmee and Miaarose, i will be buying your albums when they're released!
Mabye the could do a duet!!??


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