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Kelly fires her manager!

Here is what hits daily double has to say about it!! its not looking good for Kelly.

Amid a swirling media controversy and the imminent release of her third RCA album, My December, Kelly Clarkson has split with The Firm's Jeff Kwatinetz as her manager. Clarkson made a point of telling interviewers she's either written or co-written the material on the new album, but the first single, "Never Again," met with a lackluster radio reception, while ticket sales for her upcoming tour are reportedly lagging as well. With relations increasingly tense between Clarkson and her label, someone had to take the fall, and it turned out to be Kwatinetz. Insiders say they warned the manager not to put himself in the middle of that kind of high-profile showdown, as he did with Clarkson and previously, Linkin Park. Clarkson's last album, 2004's Breakaway, sold 6 million copies in the U.S. and 10 million worldwide. The new album will come out as scheduled June 26. Now, who will Clarkson turn to for management? Action to come, my friends."


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