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Britney on set of new music video

About the video

Britney is at a funeral of sorts and is burrying her old self, the old Britney. All the Britneys from past videos sort of morph/dive into an iron box and Britney is wishing them well, and burrying them. She chains up the box, as well as throwing a gigantic chain of sorts with particles of herself entwined in it, into the box burrying that as well. Dont know if body doubles or unseen footage of old Brit videos was used, but they said they cant figure out how they are getting them to look like transparent "Britney's" are diving into the box. They compare it to Britneys LUCKY video, where Britney is standing before and beside herself in alot of the video.

Ok, sounds complicated. we will just have to wait and see it! We will have it up here as soon as we can!

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