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Beyonce's lil sister posted this today on her official myspace page!

Baby Jamz

Hey everyone
Check out to find out more info on the line of toyz i have helped create inspired by my favoriate kid....Julez!
It seems as if no matter how much Stevie Wonder and Beatles i play for him to diversify his taste, he responds most to hip hop.
Mostly all of the lil toddlers i know, sing along to the hip hop songs out today... wich isnt exactly apropriate for their age. So my father came up with Kids Rap Radio, wich changes popular hip hop songs kid friendly.
From that idea, Baby Jamz was born.
As u guys know, ive had lots of interest in creating childrens music and still plan on releasing a childrens album.
But when the people at Planet Toyz aproached me about creating the music for this project i jumped on the oppurtunity. I thought it would b great to make music that my son responds and interacts with in conjunction with the toys. I found that after a few days Julez would lose interest in alot of toys in todays market because the music was very basic and bland. So i took traditional nursery ryhmes and put them over hip hop beats and changed the melody's to more edgy hip hop influenced.
I also executive produced a cd that can b purchased that has all of the songs you hear on the toyz and got some of music worlds artist to pich in!
It was also important to us to make sure the packaging of the product was diverse and a real potrayal of how our children look. I found it pretty annoying that most toy packages i saw in stores represented the same type of child over and over.
This is i believe the first line of toyz especially designed and marketed to multi ethnicities, wich is why some of the songs are even done in spanish.
When it came time to find the poster child for this project it was only second nature that the child who inspired it represented. And scarily, my lil man looovvvesss the camera. OH NO! lol
Anyways, this is my first side project that i served as VP of along with my father. This had been such a great executive experience for me, and it was so interesting learning the ins and out of a new venture. I hope that everyone goes out and supports!
Its stricly for thee kids, but i have found some of my friends singn along too! lol

The toyz are out now exclusively at Wal Mart and are in stores Now!


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