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Leona Lewis : Album News!

Leona has been talking about working with executive producers Simon Cowell and Clive Davis, who have been finishing work on her debut album.

'I've been treated as my own person. I've not been given a formula to follow. I had the time to find my feet and co-write a lot of material. I've learned a lot and Simon and Clive really listen to me.'

'Simon always said to follow my instincts and be true to myself. Clive said exactly the same thing and he also gave me the opportunity to write. I wanted to sing great songs and we have loads that I feel a connection with. The album is classic songs with a contemporary edge. There's a few ballads and there's some up-tempo stuff too. I've been experimenting, we used up and coming producers like Fernando who have added some really cool electronic 80s sounds.'

'It's important to me that they're all proper songs. They're not just beat driven or following the latest sound. For me, songs need to work acoustically. I used to go out and gig acoustically, I like songs that work even when they're broken down.'

Leona's as yet untitled debut album is due for release on 5th November.


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