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Youtube singers posting away!

Today is a good day for all the youtubers! Anafree aswell as WhittneyD have both posted new videos!

We have talked to Whittney alot in the past few months and felt so sorry for her when she never got through the American Idol audition's this year when she was as good as Carrie Underwood when she sang before she cheats! Whittney, you dont need them to make you a star, you have all your friends and fans who will support you and be there for you and you will find your own way because you have the IT factor!

WhittneyD's latest video - Unfaithful.

Also Ana Free, such a sweetheart, doing very well on youtube lately being one of the top musician's on youtube of all time! we have also got a message or two from her on myspace!

Anafree singing Along the line, her own song


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