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Leona Lewis in studio with NEYO!

Our girl Leona is getting very fond of blogging on Myspace and were glad she is so we can keep updated with all her news! here is her latest message:

Hi guys,

I'm back in the UK now fresh from Atlanta. Had a great time over there and got 2 more songs recorded!

The time with Neyo in the studio was so great, he's is so funny and great to work with! We recorded a track called 'I'm You' and he even put some BVs on the track too. Can't wait for you all to hear it too!

Neyo has his own chef called Junior who cooked us the most amazing food whilst we were in the studio - you can see me enjoying it in the gallery! I love a lot about Atlanta, the vibe , the music, the people but mostly the great soul food!!!

Whilst out there I went to see the new movie 'Superbad' - it is so very funny. I laughed so hard, in fact everyone in the cinema was, i'd recommend you all go see it! It will be a real cult classic I think.

Anyway have put a piccie of me and Neyo up for you to see too!

Thanks again for all your continued support , not long to wait now till i can share my music with you, I'm so excited!

Lotsa Of


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