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Message from Klara McDonnell

Here is what our very own Irish youtube star says in her latest blog on myspace!

Hello Myspacers!

Well I was without an internet connection for the longest time in 9 years and I was going a tad mad, you all know how addicted I am to the net and internet cafes, esp those with fast connections can be expensive at times. I was moving house for what seems like an eternity and have finally settled in to my new place. It's really nice and there is loadsa of cats walking around the outside lol not cows like the last time. I am finally living back in Dublin, was in Kildare, Carlow and Germany previously in the last few years.

I became addicted to YouTube several months ago as I didn't have a t.v. in the last place, then I became addicted to posting videos. I just can't stop to be honest, it s a habit now, lol, but I've had a few people around Dublin come up to me and say they saw my vlogs or singing vids and I honestly got a little bit shocked. I don't think I could handle fame and if something crazy did happen and alot people knew me, I'd be one of these weirdos walking around with dark sunglasses on. Anyway please subscribe but don't point at me if you see me walking around Dublin city (I'm joking I swear)

I'm really liking the new Britney Spears song at the moment (yea don't laugh, poor silly Brit:( ) but when I listen to it I think things like if I ever play a stripper/pole dancer this will be my music in the scene.hmmmmmmm........

I have been having alot of thoughts float around in my head lately and been really thinking about things. There are some things in life I used to really believe in but don't anymore and at one stage I was thinking I was having a quarter life crisis ( I'm sure this exists;) ) I have been acting more and more and singing live or recording less. I don't mind this one bit and that would have seemed so strange a few years ago when I was in Germany and all I did was busk and do gigs, but anyway way one of the main reasons I returned was because I couldn't do any acting related things over there. My German is very bad, spoken with a very Irish accent and it would having taken me years to sound like a German Klara. I have been doing some music gigs every few weeks here but it is slightly worrying some times when I talk more than sing and for several moments think I am supposed to be doing stand up (I have NEVER been a stand up and I am generally the least funniest person ever, unless I am trying to dance)

Talk to you all soon ya spacers

p.s. hope you all had a great Summer



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