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Mia Rose clears up those rumors!

Youtube star Mia Rose clears up those rumors what were going around and here is what she says on her own website

Hilarious! The rumors they come up with!!
First of all, No I am not featured in one of Ryan Leslie’s songs!
As ( pointed out Wikipedia is never a reliable source to trust seeing as though anyone can write whatever they choose on anyone’s page!
I have never recorded a song called “Roses” -> funny name though
“My Philosophy” is only a possible name for my debut album and last time I checked “Hold me Now” was still my first single! So people, again be-careful what you believe!
Other then that…Keep smiling!
Kisses and Hugs!

Thanks Mia for updating us with the news, well what turns out to be no news! shes such a nice sweet girl!


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