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New Miaarose video ... in Portugese!

Here is youtube star / singer Miaarose's latest video! she dose it as a tribute to her country, Portugal. it is a beautiful song!

here is the translation to the begenning bit she says in Portugese.

So today I noticed that I had never spoken Portuguese in my videos, how terrible Maria!! :P
I wanted to send a kiss to Portugal and to all of you who speak Portuguese...
Ok, the song Im going to sing now is by a great portuguese artist called Rui Veloso.
I love this song, I dont know if you've ever heard of "Nunca me esqueci de ti?" but you should because its such a beautiful song...anyways, I hope you dont fall asleep while Im singing!
Bjinhos a todos!!

Hope you enjoy!
Kisses and Hugs!!
Mia (more)


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