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X-FACTOR contestant Emily axed from show

The sweet-faced 15-year-old is seen with members of the Young Offenderz Camp, who plaster images of themselves in gangsta poses on the internet.

In one clip posted online, the singing star makes a sick boast to a terrified teenager that she will blind him – as a pal wields a six-inch kitchen knife.

Emily, who calls herself Lady Shiverz, LAUGHS as she tells the boy he is about to be stabbed.

She tells him: “I will cut your eyes out! Yeah! Cut you! We’re going to cut you!”

The horrifying YouTube video is called Shiverz Tryna Shank Trubzy. In gang slang, shank means stabbing. (which is now removed from youtube)

The clip has the tag: “Dnt get her vex wen she drunk.”

Emily is also linked to the gang Coldsoldierz – which her boyfriend “Kizzle” belongs to.

She has set up a Lady Shiverz site with photos of her sticking up her fingers to the camera, mimicking a gun with her fingers and wearing a bandana mask.

And she is pictured on the site of the Young Offenderz Camp, who terrorise Islington, North London, and threaten to “f*** up” rival gangs.

Photos show members with knives and mock guns, on a backdrop of cannabis leaves.

A local resident said: “Knives are the new cool weapon and it is well known Emily associates with these people.”

On X Factor, Emily has won the hearts of judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne with her “butter wouldn’t melt” personality and smile.

She is also expected to pull viewers’ heartstrings after it was revealed she almost died from stomach infection peritonitis last year.

The rising star, who sang Britney Spears’ I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman last Saturday, was the first ever 14-year-old to audition for the show a few months ago.

Last night an X Factor spokesman said: “We take these claims very seriously and have discussed them with Emily in length.

“She strongly refutes any claim she was a member of the Young Offenderz gang.

“Emily did have problems with bullying at her old school, which she left two years ago.

“The clip on YouTube clearly shows Emily and her friends messing about, although Emily admits this is in poor taste.”


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