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Leona's trip to Africa

Leona Lewis recently went over to Africa to do work with 'Sports relief'

Leona was approached to provide this year's Sport Relief single, Footprints in the Sand, and off the back of that, was given the chance to see how some of the charity money gets spent.

She said: "Sometimes you will see an advert on TV and you'll think about it for five minutes and then you kind of switch over and you switch off and don't think about it anymore. But these are not just faces, they're people."

The day after the Brit Awards you may have thought Leona Lewis would be sobbing into her cornflakes after coming home without any trophies, but no.

Leona said: "I think a lot of people were like, 'Oh she is so disappointed and upset'. Do you know what, I was coming to South Africa the day after and I was looking forward to that so much! I got to perform and that was the main thing for me."

''About 900 people are living on an old gold mine in a variety of shacks, made out of anything they can get their hands on; cardboard, plywood, sheets of metal.''

The video below is a bit of her trip and Leona meeting the children.


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