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Adrianne Curry talks about bullying

America's next top model Adrianne Curry talks about the seriousness of bullying, take a look at her latest online blog..

So, I was made aware of a young man named Billy who is getting a lot of attention lately for being bullied. I posted a bulletin to get people to add his page for a friend of mine.

In trying to bring attention to this kids page, I was reminded of some of the most miserable times in my life. Junior High was pure torture for me. I was bullied badly from 6th-8th grade. I was not part of the "in crowd" that consisted of cute jock boys and pretty cheerleaders. I was mostly considered a freak. Though I had great friends, I always seemed to be the butt of the popular kids jokes. I was one of the most popular "losers". I had gum shoved in my hair and had to cut it. I was constantly being shot at with paper clips. The boys would hold a rubber band between their thumb and pointer finger and launch them at me. I would come home with welts on my legs in tears. The worst part? The few boys I did have crushes on would be the worst ones!


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