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Blog from Leona Lewis

Leona posted this message on her Offical site yesturday!

Leona is now off to conquer Japan!

I went out on Friday in LA to celebrate ‘Bleeding Love’ reaching Number.1 out here, and had a great night! My travel mates gave me a surprise and popped party poppers and had massive balloons and a cake for me. We went to a lovely Thai restaurant then to a club where I met some of my friends I worked on the album with, I also bumped into Jesse McCartney. He’s so sweet and so happy about everything that’s been happening.

I’m going to Japan soon and I had some interviews with some TV shows from there whilst in LA. I really enjoyed meeting them and cant wait to go there. They brought me some beautiful gifts for my birthday, some traditional Japanese candles and scarves. I then had to leave LA and head to Boston where I went to visit the Open House Party radio show with John Garabeedian, it was so much fun and he is so supportive, THANK U JOHN!!!

The album is coming out soon and I still cant believe I’m getting the chance to share my music with so many people, thank you everybody for your love and support! Better go as I am in New York at the moment I just visited Z-100 who got me a lovely cake (have attached a photo!) and I’m now off to Sirrus satellite radio!

PS I also went to see the Movie ‘Shutter’ this week, it was quite scary and I jumped out of my chair a few times!

Lots of luv, Leona-x-


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