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Bulletin from Josiah Leming

American Idol Josiah Leming (above singing Mika's Grace Kelly) posted the following bulletin on MySpace just a few minutes ago! ohh checkout his youtube page too!

ok, so here's what's goin on right now (my apologies for it taking so long!)

i'm gettin in the studio in 2 weeks, recording for 2 months, and my first album is set (as of right now) to come out in september! you have no idea how excited i am...i've fought for this my whole life.

I promise to get you some new pictures and videos and maybe even some new songs in the near future to hold you over ( : i love you! you guys are total inspiration to me, you have no clue.

keep it up!

P.S. This is the only internet site i run. i also have a facebook, but i never get on it anymore. there are many fake facebooks and myspaces, and i'm in the process of getting them cleared out.

so if you have a fan site, Thank you! but be sure to mark it well ( :



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