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Message from Ana Free

Here is what youtube star Ana Free says in her latest blog.


How are things? :) I've been up to a bunch of random things, including getting a new keyboard from my laptop.. finally :) went into downtown lisbon today, was pretty good, rained a little though.. So, let see what I've been up to.. When I got here, I did a photo shoot for a portuguese surf mag, Soup Mag, but I'm not entirely sure when it's coming out, it was supposed to be at the beginning of April but, they're runnin a little late.. it was a cool shoot, no fancy stuff, chose my own clothes, wore minimal makeup etc.. then I had an interview the following day with the Portuguese branch of the European Youth Press.. it was really great and also v chilled out.. today I went and had a shoot on the beach.. beaches.. hmm yay.. but it was kinda cold.. Anyways.. :) I'm writing my dissertation finally, making some headway.. I'm feeling all crushed in by my work and studies at the it's holding me back from my music.. In any case, I hope everyone is doing just fine and keeping smiley and busy!!

Beijinhos! Kisses,



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