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Neyo reveals new album title

Neyo has just revealed that he will be calling his upcomming album........................................

“Year Of The Gentleman”.

Here is what Neyo says about it,

“I’m trying to take it back to where you couldn’t walk out of the house unless you looked your best. Back in the day of, say, the Rat Pack and Nat King Cole … any picture you ever see, they’re suited and everything is right from top to bottom,” Ne-Yo said. “Not saying it has to be a suit, ’cause clothes don’t make the man - it’s the attitude and person. The music needs to personify that.

The third [LP] is more of the good [music]. The second album proved I’m here to stay. I won a Grammy for that one. So, I’m here to win more Grammy’s. At the same time, I love what it is I do, so [this is] another excuse for me to pen more facets of my personality.”


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