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Our opinion on the American Idol contestants!

I think David Cook is brillllllant!!! He is so good at making songs his own, I was going ohhh noo when I heard he was gonna sing Mariah's song 'Always be my baby' cos its a really 90s pop song but he was brillant,like something out of a film!

Syesha is gettin really good too, i didnt care if she went or not in the begenning but now shes gettin better and better each week!

Carly is cool but isnt getting better and the rest are catching up on her cause she was one of my favourites in the begenning.

Brooke was good in the begenning too but is dropping down a bit in the last few weeks.

David Archeleta is good and all but is a bit tooo over rated, he was brillllllllant at some nights like when he sang 'Imagine' but i dunno, He probly will be in the final anyways cos hes so many screaming girls after him!

Think Jason might go next week if he gets another boring song but could hit it with a really good one like he sometimes.


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