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Tyra makes your dreams come true

This episode of 'The Tyra Banks show' proves that Tyra is a wonderful, kind, loving, role model for everyone, she is amazing!

Tyra spends the hour fulfilling the wishes of very deserving ladies. First, she surprises a group of young girls from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The young gals have always wanted to meet Tyra and work the runway. Dreams come true when they strut Tyra's runway in Baby Phat's latest looks. These girls know how to work it! Then, another young lady's dream comes true when she's granted a brand new smile. Her crooked teeth brought down her self-esteem. But with the help of a celebrity dentist, she's beaming now. Finally, a mother and daughter show off their amazing weight loss. The daughter dances on stage in toe shoes, something she was never able to do before due to her struggle with obesity. Tyra is so thrilled with their success she surprises them with a trip to a Club Med in the Bahamas!


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