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Michelle Williams music video premier delayed

Michelle Williams (from Destiny's child) has posted the following blog on her myspace page to apologize for the delay of her music video 'We Break The Dawn' what was supposed to premier today! (The single is now avaible on iTunes)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Current mood: sad
Category: Music

I don't think the video will be ready to premiere as posted!!! I thought that I should let you know!! Trust me....I am so ready for it to be out, but at the same time I want it to be perfect for you guys!!!! I know that I'm disappointing many of you out there who have been ANXIOUSLY waiting!!! That's kinda why I hate when dates are set and made public and then the artist or label decides to change it!!! It's been a lot of that lately in the industry!!! Hopefully by Monday.....the world will see it!!!

Once again "momma" is sooooooo sorry about this!!!!!

Y'all like that new picture huh?? It shows my mature, "sophisterated" side!! (yeah yeah...before it hits national press....I know the word is SOPHISTICATED!!!) I was the winner of many spelling bee's back in my day!!! LOL

I want to also address to many people who have concerns about WBTD getting radio airplay......there is a plan for impact at radio....BUT you guys can still request it!!! The politics of the business is what it is!!! I can't stress it enough but show business is 90% business and 10% show!!!! That's why you gotta love it to wanna stay and deal with the craziness!!! To whom much is given, much is required!!!

I'm definitely rambling all over the place!! I just wanna make sure that I cover everything!!!

I love, love, love each and every person reading this!!! Thanks for the love and ENCOURAGEMENT!!! I haven't felt so much love in a lonnnnnnnnnng time and I appreciate ALL of you!!!! Thanks to everyone who purchased my single!!! If I could I'd personally kiss ya!!!! (on the cheek that is!!!!!) I feel that this year is a BIG one!! The number 8 means new beginning....2008 I'm definitely chartering on new territory.....but I need you guys to help me win!!!!

Ummmmmmm what else??? I think I'll save the rest for my video blog.... but I have yet to figure out how to articulate what I feel!!! I'll sign off by saying.... ladies ALWAYYYYYYYYYYYS trust your gut!!!!! Do what's right for the long run!!!!! I still have love for the fellas....I won't leave you guys out!! Anyhoo........God Bless You!!!!


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