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Bllboard review: Leona Lewis' new single 'Better in time'

Five months ago we loftily predicted that Leona Lewis was destined to become the top newcomer of the year. But who could have seen the overwhelming force field of “Bleeding Love,” striking through playlist records at top 40, adult top 40, AC, rhythmic, even Latin? Now it’s time to let go—before the song burns to a crisp—and rest assured, there are plenty more high achievers on No. 1 CD “Spirit.” “Better in Time” is of equal caliber to its predecessor, with a one-listen hook, elegant chug-along melody, a lyric about healing (”Thought I couldn’t live without you/It’s gonna hurt when it heals too”) and Lewis’ unquestionably emotive vocal versatility. “Better” is as good as “Bleeding” and an equal bid for No. 1. Girl, start clearing room for a 2009 Grammy sweep. —Chuck Taylor


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