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Britney's YouTube hacked?

What is up with YouTube lately? Someone has hacked Britney Spears YouTube videos OR someone at YouTube is a Britney hater, over 60 million views and all the ratings were removed from Britney's most viewed videos Gimme More & Piece of Me. Since then, the Gimme more video was removed!

A few sites are saying that it is the Avril Lavigne fansite what are doing the YouTube scam are behind it (Read the next paragrapy to know what scam im talking about!)

Avril Lavigne's fans have set up a scam to get her video most viewed of all time on YouTube, I knew something was fishy before they got caught out because it isnt excatly song of the century or even year! but still gets 1 million views a week!


Leona Lewis' videos are not showing up on the YouTube charts at all for the last month, The video 'Bleeding Love' is the 3rd most viewed video of all time with over 60 million views aswell as at least 10 other Leona videos were all on the most viewed list!

What is up with youtube?!


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