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Message from Leon Jackson

Checkout Leon's latest blog he posted on his MySpace page, for ayone who doesnt know who he is.. he won X-Factor last year (the tv show Leona Lewis won).

Hey everyone!

That’s me back in London town after being home in Scotland for a wee while seeing my Mum, Gran & Friends.

As you all know I was very lucky to have duetted with Michael Bublé on Saturday, which was amazing!!! I will be uploading some pics of him & I from Glasgow SECC & also from the last time in Wembley. I will also add a few extra pics that I have been snapping along the way since being in London & Wales.

I just wanna say I have the most fun blogging for you guys & I really do read every single comment.

It would be impossible to reply to each & every one of them (which I would love to do btw), therefore each time that I blog I am gonna reply to a select few, so I can get to know you's better & stay more connected!

So firstly, I would like to say a big hello to little Matt, who I got to meet at Glasgow SECC! Thank you soooo much for your kind words in ur comment, it makes my job even more worthwhile knowing that I can be an inspiration & make people happy so thank you!

The video blog - Leon In London - will be uploaded in four parts, taking you through the journey of London with me, & I will be answering fan questions along the way. I will try my very best, also, to continuously upload photos that I have taken on my digital camera as part of Leon's Snapshots. Anyways, can’t stop gotta go to Tesco & do a 'Big shop' cos my fridge is empty from being away lol.

Speak soon


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