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Miley Cyrus VS Step up 2 : Dance off on Teen Choice Awards!

The epic online dance battle between Miley Cyrus' and Mandy Jiroux's M&M Cru and ACDC, the dance crew featuring Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani (Moose) of "Step Up 2: The Streets" is about to declare a winner when the two crews face-off at TEEN CHOICE 2008 airing Monday, August 4.

In April 2008, Chu and Sevani (Adam/Chu Dance Crew) challenged friends Cyrus and Jiroux to a video dance battle. Since then, the competition has escalated as each crew retaliates with new dance videos that have attracted millions of fans. M&M Cru and ACDC will battle in-person during the final showdown at TEEN CHOICE 2008!

This is so cool! ACDC Have Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, Diana Ross, Jabwockeez, Adam Sandler and so many of the best dancers! Chckout there video here:


April 10, 2008
Jon M. Chu and Adam Sevani challenge Miley and Mandy to "The Biggest Online Dance Battle in YouTube history". The rules are...there are NO rules. both crews are allowed to do whatever they want, however they want. Jon and Adam name their crew the ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew). They release their FIRST CHALLENGE video.

April 15 2008
Miley and Mandy respond with a giant video to Madonna and Justin Timberlake's song, "4 Minutes". In 24 hours their video gets OVER A MILLION hits and become an instant YouTube classic. It gets posted on Perez, Access Hollywood, Yahoo News, Ellen etc. They even recruit one of Step Up's own to be in their video (Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan).

April 28, 2008
Adam and Chu release a teaser for their response to the Miley and Mandy video. It sets a date and time for the release of their next installment, "April 30th 9pm PST." Buzz grows.

April 30, 2008
There is an ONLINE frenzy on the ChuPictures youtube page where the fans have gathered for the live release of the battle video. Chu's youtube triples it's views in twenty minutes before the video has even been uploaded. Technical difficulties lead to the delay of the video release for 1 hour. Frenzy only gets bigger.

April 30, 2008
This video is released...The video hits over 3.5 MILLION HITS...

May 2008
ACDC are invited to perform at Ellen DeGeneres' 50th birthday party...YouTube invites the ACDC to perform at their headquarters...Mike Myers and Chris Brown spoof the battle for the opening of the MTV MOVIE AWARDS.

June 10, 2008 7pm
M&M release their newest be continued.

Checkout M&M Cru (Miley & Mandy's video with the Harajuku Girls) here:



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