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New message from George Sampson

George jut posted this bulliten on his MySpace page! Check it out.

Hi everyone

I’m just on a break from rehearsals from “Into the Hoods” so thought I’d come and say hi! We just did a big press launch for it – I performed a few parts of the scenes with the rest of the cast and did a load of interviews. It’s all going really well – the whole cast are such great dancers and really fun and friendly.

Me, my mum and Rosie are staying down in London in a flat whilst I’m doing the show – it’s a great flat – right on the top floor so I can get onto the roof – and it’s in the middle of London so you can see everywhere in the city! It’s wicked.

I’m going to be putting a video up later today or tomorrow so I’ll be able to tell you more and you can see what I’ve been up to for yourselves! I’m in London the rest of this week and have a few days off next week back at home and after that I’m in the London for the whole of August and no doubt I’ll be seeing the boss Simon then too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the summer holidays like I am!

I’ll write again later or tomorrow.

Lots of love – take care



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