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New George Sampson blog: My new manager and Wii!

Hey again guys,

Hope you are all OK! I'm having a great time here in London, thanks everyone who's been and is coming to see the show - it's great seeing everyone.

I had yesterday off so I've been making the most of it and Rosie is staying in London with my Mum and me now in the new flat, which is really cool. She really loves London and we're all going out shopping later to get some new clothes. I am definitely going to check out the New Era shop - they sell amazing hats!

Yesterday me and Roger (from Into The Hoods) went to the Trocadero together - it was mint! I spent a bit too much there on the games and nearly got in trouble with mum! But we earned about 7000 credits on all the games, and you only need 12000 to win a Nintendo Wii. I'm going to go back with Rosie to win the rest of the credits and to get the Wii! The Olympics on the TV is also brilliant to watch, especially stuff like diving and gymnastics - all the flips are crazy!

I had a meeting with my new manager Peter Powell from James Grant management. He is so cool, and looks after Ant and Dec, Fearne and Reggie and of course Simon! We're going to be meeting up every week. It's all so exciting and I have told him all my ideas and we have got some interesting things coming up which are really exciting - not just the DVD which I can't wait for too - lots of things are a surprise but I'll tell you about them all soon!

Lots of Love

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martyn said...

hi george sampson my name is martyn dunn

martyn said...

i live in southampton 104 byron road so16 6ex hamshire

martyn said...

i have got to go now so i well see later i hope i see you soon george sampson

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