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New Klara McDonnell blog: Ranting ranty rant

Here is what YouTube singer/blogger/actress Klara McDonnell has just posted in a bulletin on her MySpace page,

Yeah i must stop ranting on myspace but here I go its not THAT time of the month - it could be the weather tho, maybe I suffer from S.A.D.

damn the irish weather!!!I do like a bit of rain but the country is nearly flooded

damn my internet provider - it takes me hours to upload 1 vid to youtube

damn my beloved youtube - now taking ages to approve/process my vid - its not porn - i swear

damn being broke damn the damn irish recession

damn men thinking im flirting with them when im not!!!someone said yest that i was messing with my hair alot and women do that when they fancy!!!this person was almost 3 times my age and no i don't like them!!!! i am just a hyper person and mess with my hair constantly!

damn the luas breaking down or stopping 3 times in my journey today

damn my writers pissed off with stuff but maybe not enough to write?!!!!!!!!!

damn damn damn damn wet rainy wednesdays

tomorrow is a thursday - rock on everyone, rock on

and friday I am playing the coffee sessions in starbucks



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