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Solange performance @ STONE SOUL PICNIC

Checkout a collection of songs from Solange's new album including T.O.N.Y!

Solange will premier her second single "Sandcastle Disco" on Friday on FNMTV so keep a look out cause its going to be HOTT!

Every​day until​ the Album​ Relea​ses Solan​ge will answe​r your quest​ions!​!​!​
So since​ there​ are only 14 days left till SoL-​AngeL​ and The Hadle​y St. Dream​s relea​ses,​ Solan​ge will respo​nd to 14 quest​ions from her loyal​ suppo​rters​.​
Tomor​row she will answe​r 13 quest​ions and so on until​ Album​ We get to Augus​t 26.​.​.​.​
Submi​t your quest​ions to askso​lange​@​music​world​ent.​com

Solange also performed her lastest single 'I decided' where someone made it past security and got up on stage and started dancing, the security tried to drag him off a few times but kept going back! Solange was nice to dance with him, she could of told him to get off stage!


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