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Angelica covers Hurt by Christina Aguilera

Checkout Angelica Vasilcov's (AngelicaV1) version of Christina Aguilera's hit song 'Hurt', Isnt it amazing.

She even did a bit of opera at the begenning!

Checkout what Angelica says in the video discription:

hey everyone... I know i haven't been posted a song for while but i had a terrible flu...! I wasn't planning to sing this song but I was just rehearsing this song today... and I thought I'd share with you...

Oh.... and i know .. that the outfit is soo wired this time... but it was so cold in that room and after the flu i had....I just decided to put something on me... and as I said I wasn't planning on doing a new video... so... I know I kind of look like Gladiator LOL


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