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Christina Aguilera to give double show

When it was first announced that one of world’s hottest pop stars, Christina Aguilera, is going to play Kyiv, it caused quite a stir. It sounded like a must-see not only for her ardent fans.

Singers of her scale seldom perform here, and she was guaranteed to deliver a magnificent show. Yet there was a downside. The concert was going to take place at Ukraina music hall on Oct. 20, which meant very pricy tickets and limited number of seats. True enough, most of the tickets were gone several weeks before the show. However, there is still hope for anyone who desperately wants to see Christina live. Inspired by the public excitement with the show, the organizers added another gig to the program, set to take place the following day at Palats Sportu. Tickets will of course be much cheaper – from Hr 200, and there is plenty of space inside the concert hall – we all can get in, if we hurry.


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