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Maria:: Why I’m not like LiL Wayne, but want to be..

YouTube star Maria Zourdouis who had the global hit on YouTube with her own version of Rihanna song 'Please dont stop the music' has posted a very intresting blog on MySpace, check it out:

Don't worry! I'm not trying to rap these days (although I have pretty sick freestyle skills haha for real I do!) BUT if I could take something from Weezy aka Lil Wayne himself, it would definitely be his work ethic and consistency.

Does anyone know how many "underground" mixtapes he's recorded way before his current superstardom? If you haven't's definitely something like 1293840987 songs!

I would be in heaven if I could create songs on a daily basis! But, I haven't been able to do anything musical in a while. For anyone who's curious, that's why I put up one youtube video per month/one original song per 4 months (if I'm lucky)!

However, I've been accomplishing much bigger things at the moment. I've been in school getting a great education! I am finally a graduate and recently took the LSAT exam-for the opportunity to attend law school.

I've LOVED the world of academia and always will but I can't deny the passion of my LIFE..MuSic** and I finally feel like I'm ready to focus on just that!!

BUT..I want to take the time to express how important I think completing an education is. Lots of kids go to college and decide it's not for them-which is FINE! College is not a necessary life step, but education is really rewarding.

I truly believe that knowledge is power and I hope everyone empowers their life through some sort of education, even if it's just by reading independently. Don't ever sell yourselves short! Learning is a big step in personal growth and who doesn't want to become a better version of themselves! :)

If life takes you in another direction I hope you pursue whatever your future holds with just as much passion, ambition, strength, love, but most of all wisdom.

Now that I've pursued some of my goals- I'm ready to do some music already!! I don't think I'll be putting out as many mixtapes as Weezy, butt I'll definitely work towards perfecting that musical work ethic/consistency thing he does!

dare to be amaZing

ps. I just joined Twitter so I could mini-blog about my life and music! The site isn't super popular yet but it's getting there..and I think it's kinda cool. So if you have one checccck me out (


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