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Exclusive Statement about Jayden Spears' Hospitalization

Yesturday Britney Spears son Jayden had a seizure while on he was on holiday in Britneys hometown Lousianna. He was rushed to hospital in a ambulance and we had no news since then, but now got a exclusive statment so here is what they say:

A representative for the Spears family gave the following exclusive statement about Jayden's hospitalization:

"Jayden James Federline was admitted to the Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center on Sunday, November 9th. Doctors concluded he had a reaction to something he ingested. He is expected to be discharged tomorrow."

Get well soon, Jayden!

Traci, Team Britney


Hope he gets well soon, This is the last thing Britney needs just as she is getting her life back on track.


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