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Message from Ana Free & upcommings gigs

Heres a little message from Portugese YouTube star Ana Free, she also gives a list of some gigs shes doing (Were going to one of them!)

Hello everyone!

How's it all going? Here we go with some new updates, various things to say and tell in this note so, in no particular order:

I've just finished recording one of the Portuguese theme song for Disney's new upcoming Christmas movie Tinkerbell. It was a really positive and fun challenge, I had never really pushed myself to that vocal level, and had never done anything for animation before so it was a new world to discover. So, not only was there a song, but also a video clip which was really funny to make, especially when working with such a great crew! I haven't seen it yet, but it'll go on the DVD release here and I expect it to be full of cartoon Tinkerbell fun! :P I did it because I've always been a big fan of cartoons and animation films so I figured why not do something for a kids/family movie? :) Fun stuff..

Upcoming gig info is as follows (also on www. myspace. com/anafreemusic):

*London,Camden Town[UK]: PROUD (30th NOV 2008 at 1845, approx 30 mins set, no entrance fee)

*Guimarães[PORTUGAL] (17th DEC 2008)

*Funchal, Madeira[PORTUGAL] (20th DEC 2008)

*Figueira da Foz[PORTUGAL] (2nd JAN 2009)

*Porto[PORTUGAL] (19th FEB 2009)

*Entroncamento[PORTUGAL] (7th MAR 2009)

*Gouveia[PORTUGAL] (14th MAR 2009)

and that info and other new gigs will be announced on my MySpace..

I'm flying back to London this Sunday for a longer period of time during which I'll of course be down in the studio recording acoustic and debut album tracks for you all to have! It's the priority focus:)

There'll be another YouTube video up this week, one of my favourite songs with a little mix so you can be curious! :-P

I put up a new subchannel on YouTube called anafreemusic (www. youtube. com/anafreemusic). This channel will serve me as a kind of Ana's craziness and live footage and goofier, more random (are you getting me..?) and off the wall stuff!! So you can subscribe and drop by there on and off to check it out.
Of course the original anafree (www. youtube. com/anafree) channel will remain the same as always! :)

And that's about all the updates for the moment, there's of course small plans and projects running in the background, the machines are humming etc.! I'd like to of course thank all those who reached the end of my bulletin hehe :) Thanks for the amazing support and dedication to the music I make and I'll always be here, ready to serve.

Take much care and keep safe and happy!
Big kisses


P.S. Quero agradecer claro a todos os fãs que vieram aos meus concertos na Tour em Outubro e em Amares, um beijinho enorme a todos e obrigada pelo vosso apoio.
Beijão Portugal!


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