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Message from George Sampson (21 Nov 2008)

Wow!! The week's gone so fast - I'm really excited about this weekend....cos.... I'm on The Xtra Factor (make sure you watch!) I can't wait to see the show! I think JSL and Diana are wicked, but who knows?!!

And THEN on Monday my single is released!! Wow! I'm getting a jet and flying to 3 different cities to do signings - I know you already know about this, Im just sooo excited - mad!!!! We're starting in Manchester, then Birmingham and then London... I hope you can make it! I can't believe Take That is released on the same day! I messaged Jason to tell him!

AND - I just want to let you all know about my new Bebo series that's launching today too - It's going to be following me and what I get up to over the next few weeks and there's also gonna be a dance move to learn every Friday, so make sure you check it out! You will be able to almost come with me on my travels too, which is why I wanted to film it – and of course lots of you will be in it too!

Remember you can still enter to win tickets for the DVD premieres so be quick if you're gonna enter!

Lots of love

G !! x


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