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Miaarose singing CRUSH by David Archuleta

Checkout the first big youtube singer to make it, Mia Rose aka Miaarose cover Crush by David Archuleta!

She also has a little anoucement at the begenning in Portugese, here is what she says:

"Im really happy because in a few days, on the 25th of NOVEMBER at 17:00 I will be in a special place to have my first press conference! Its going to be really cool because Im going to be performing two of my own songs live, for the first time in Portugal. You are all invited but there is one condition:
If you want to go, you have to send an email to mailmiarose@gmail. com saying that you'd like to be there and my management group will take care of it. They'll reply with the 'secret location' and more juicy details ;)

The press is also going to be there because Im going to be revealing my plans for 2009 - The Strategy.
So come and meet me there, its going to be really fun!

Get sending emails!!!
Come and keep my company :)




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