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Hi Myspacers

I am just home from another open mic in the city. I think I am recovering from my stage fright or what ever it was that I had the last 2 months. I still felt nerves but that is always a good thing. I am writing new songs but I can't bring myself to sing them at the open mics yet. I haven't drank alcohol in almost a week and did think I wouldn't be able to manage to play without having even one drink but I have played two open mics in a row only high on life and tea.

I woke up this morning and I barely recognized myself. I was hair modelling again yesterday at Alfaparf. My hair is an interesting colour to say the least. I have three shades of red in it, blood red, black red and an orangey red.It will more than likely fade quickly so I am enjoying it while I can. Wayne said last night that I look like a socialist lesbian...I think..that was a compliment?!!!

I really don't like rants in blogs but I had been ranting alot in my non cyber life alot lately so I might as well do a ranty blog?! I really hate when I am on my own in a bar working or at an open mic and men try and chat me up with lame lines. Bad ones lately include: 'Is your boyfriend picking you up tonight?' - actually from a guy who knows I am currently single, 'Who are you texting on your phone?Is it your ex or your boyfriend?Is he annoying you?' - I was actually texting my gay best friend and my brother! Any of these lines that include 'your boyfriend' in them I hate, it's just people fishing for information in a sneaky lame way. My problem is that I am so honest to the extent that I am blunt and I never chat up guys but if I did I would hope to either be a bit more interesting or straight to the point. One line that was totally sleazy but almost worked -' You're so sexy I could bite you!'. Yeah I think I read too many Anne Rice books :( Anyway it is always a famine or a feast when it comes to people chatting me up....well you know what I mean!

I still like my dolls house (what I refer to where I am living as) but there have been some problems in the last while. The neighbours below me are so noisy that I rarely sleep, having said that, they complained about me a few days ago. Saying that they could hear every word downstairs ( I presume my new songs frighten them) and that I have to stop tapping my foot. Tapping my foot?! All the things I have to listen to and they complain about me tapping my foot?!I also nearly set the entire place on fire today - long story.

I went to a tarot reader about two weeks ago. I know that the majority of people go to fortunetellers when they are dissatified with life or at a crossroads. Well myself and Dani were drunk the night before when we made the booking so I can't remember what thoughts were running through our heads then. Anyway we awoke the next morning, sober but hung over and rather than cancel, we went down to her. She was probably the first I had been to that didn't actually cold read, well at least not in an obvious way. She knew about my past and present to the extent that I was freaked out.Saying that I had let alot of career opportunities pass my by and gave details...ah I felt old. She said that my life with change in a major way by the 1st November (I won't go into the details on here.) I don't think it has though I have really decided to go back to being positive and stop being so negative in the last while and maybe something will come of that?!Either way I should probably get better at reading the cards myself...easy way to make bit of cash;)

I am off to London on the 5th of December with Wayne and Dani and can't wait. Perhaps we won't return:)

I'm recording again in Ashtown this month and next month. I keep saying that I am going to record an ep but to be honest I really know I should just record an album. I don't mean to say that I think I have songs that people should listen to or I am worthy of an album but I have been recording on and off for 8 years. If no one apart from my mother wants it, it doesn't least I will have done it for myself:)

Apollo Music Club, the independent feature I worked on last year, is going to be on the Waterford Film Festival. I will be heading down this Thursday for the fest.

I am rehearsing a new play, that will be on early next year in the city, that is all I can say for now;) It has been so long since I have been in a play so I am excited.

I am sorry everyone that my blogs are getting longer with each post! May I should get myself a television to entertain myself?

Signing off til next time



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