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X-Factor -Mariah week- Our favourite parts

I have just posted Mariah's perfromance so now i will post my favourite parts, since Diana couldnt sing since she has a troath infection we cant post her like we always do!

My favourite tonight was Alexandra, she sang Without you, she sang it in a Whitney kinda way if you get me.. more deeper! It was funny when she stopped singing and everyone stood up clapping and she was in shock going OH MY GOD!!

Eoghan was also brillant, I dont know where he pulled the voice out of! as Christina Aguilera say.. Keeps getting better!

Laura went, I know alot of people who like her but i was never a fan, I think shes a good singer but wasnt like OMG SHES AMAZING! as i liked others more.

Laura was in the bottom 2 with Ruth Lorenzo the Spanish girl, who sang My All.. I didnt really like her performance cause i had Mariahs in my head all the time and it sounded wrong them BUT in the sing off she sang Knockin on heavens door and put her all into it and sounded AMAZING! shes such a fighter!


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