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Alexandra wins X-Factor (Yayyyy)

Woohooo Our girl Alexandra has just won X-Factor! The final was AMAZING!! As you all know Alex is a HUGE Beyonce stan.. as big of a stan as we are.. and thats HUGGGE!! Well Beyonce came on stage and performed Listen with her!! It was amazing! She was like OMG OMG OMG and crying and everything!

Im so glad for her, I think she will break into the US just like Leona, Not sure id she will do as well as Leona but that doesnt mean she still wont be a huge sucess because not everyone star has the sucess Leona has..

Alex will do well if she has the support of Beyonce behind her anyways! If your going to Beyonce London concert look out for Alex!!!

BTW- Alex's new single Hallelujah is amazing, I was like.. Oooh no.. when i heard the song choice as the winners single cause the song is so well known but i was blown away when i saw her perform it.. It was a fantastic song to end this years season of X-Factor!

Will you be buying your copy? or will you be supporting Leona to get the Christmas #1 with RUN? We will be buying both!


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