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Beyonce - Halo (Official music video)

Beyonce means business yall.. she is taking over the charts, She has 2 US top 5 this week... has the US christmas #1! Has 3 songs in top UK 15 and now she is releasing another 2 singles!

My sister was like WHY!, Shes just after releasing IIWAY & Single ladies but it was actually a good while ago.. there just staying at the top making it look like there new, they were released the same time as Britneys womanizer and Leonas Forgive me.. they both have had another single released since then too.

Anyways........ I LOVE HALO!!! one of my favourite songs off 'I am.. Sasha Fierce', Glad it was the second single, I taught the video would be way different so it was a surprise!


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