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Brandy & Monica reunite for 'The boy is mine'

Brandy and Monica got up on stage excatly 10 years later after recording 'The boy is mine' to perform there hit song for a one off special!

Brandy and Monica were the 'It' girls before Beyonce and Britney came along, I rember when i was a little kid about 8 years old when this song was always on the radio and i LOVED it! back then the only music you got in the UK and Ireland were Brittish music like Spice Girls and BoyZone, there was no American music or RNB... Britney was the one who broke into the UK from American and Destiny's Child were the first RNB singers to start Rnb in the UK!!

Aww back in those day!! Anyways... So happy to see Brandy and Monica on stage together!


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