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Chace Crawford starring in Leona's new music video!!

Woah this is a big surprise, Leona has just shot a new music video!! Im so happy, I taught she was going to let 'Spirit' die after 'Run' but its still doing really well so they are releasing a new single (what will be released in the US) and the song will be 'I will be' (I lovvve that song!)

I have just seen pics of Leona on set of the music video (she looked stunning!), It was shot yesturday in Brooklyn!

Also starring in the video will be Gossip girl hottie Chace Crawford, he will also have a few speaking lines!

Leona and Chace met a few months ago at a Christmas party in the UK and have become good friend since, Leona asked him a few weeks ago did her want to star in her video and he obviously said yes!

Cant wait to see the video, Ill post some pics from it soon so keep checking back!


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