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Chris Moyles' Alicia Dixon spoof

Most people outside the UK wont know who Alicia Dixon is, Years ago she was in a girl group called Miss Teeq (you might know there song 'scandalous') but got dropped, Alicia went away and got married but he had a affair with singer Javine (who was runner up in Pop Star the rival to get into Girls Aloud), Alicia found out and her life was in bits, she went on the show Strictly come dancing and put everything into it and won.. she then went into studio and recorded a album and it is out now.. Its doing really really well in the UK!

Alicia is dubbed as the Brittish Beyonce, she isnt anywhere near as good vocally but shes a amazing dancer and has the legs too!

Alicia brought out a song 'The boy does nothing' (what hits back at the boys, sounds like a song Beyonce would do! LOL) so Chris Moyles a brittish radio presenter did a mans hit back version of the song!! (He also did a spoof of Beyonce's If i were a boy!)


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