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Ciara's album art work

Heres a new video uploaded to Ciara's YouTube page, Its the making of the art work for her upcomming album 'Fantasy Ride', Ciara explains the whole theme..

Im kinda over Ciara's album already and its not even released for another few months, It was supposed to be released the same day as Beyonce's to challenge her to the #1 spot.. She released the first single 'Go Girl' what flopped.. now a few more songs leaked and none of them are anywhere near as good as any of her other songs.. theres no 'Get up' 'Goodies' type songs.. there just really boring..

Hipefully she will get back into studio and make proper single quality songs, she is scheduled to record with Justin Timberlake sometime so hopefully they will bring Ciara's usual hip hip dance style back!


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