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New Mia Rose interview

Checkout YouTube superstar Mia Rose aka Miaarose being interviewed about her sucess on YouTube, They ask her why shes so sucessful and what its like to have over 90 million views on YouTube!

I think Mia is so sucessful because she was one of the first people to do that on YouTube, She was the first person i saw do videos like that, I came across her by accident because i was looking up Kelly Clarkson's Beautiful Disaster song what was really popular back then, Then i went to her channel and she had like 2 other videos and each day she would add a extra one so more and more people started following her and were talking about her because she was the first good singer to post videos so everyone was tuned in..

She also has the right personality to click with people, she is the type of person who could be your best friend.. She is such a nice person .. We've talked to her a few times in the last few years and shes still the same caring bubbly girl!


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