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''Obsessed'' movie trailer

Checkout the new trailer to Beyonce's new movie 'Obsessed' also starring Ali Larter from 'Heros' aswell as a bit of Sasha Fierce thrown it!

Cant wait to see this movie, Its competly different to all the other movies Beyonce has done (playing singers), I want to see this movie more than Cadillac Records.. I still wanna see Cadillac Records but i will be in line at the cinema to see this one!

Beyonce is defiently workin over time, This is her second movie in the last month, Cadillac Records did well scooping in 13 million in the opening weekend and was only in a few theatres around America!

Ok, just realised this is the second Beyonce post in a row!! :/ Im a bit of a OBESSSED Bee stan!!! LOL!!


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