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Questions and Answers with Mia Rose

Mia Rose aka Miaarose on YouTube recently did a interview for Portugese magazine Caras, one of her fans on translated the interview into english, its quite intresting.. explains why Mia isnt in the US anymore signed to Universal Records or being managed by Tommy Mottola,

Interviewer: Does it bothers you that you are known as 'the girl of the internet'?
Mia : It is so different of being known by a concert... I am one of the first of this generation of artists that started on the internet, therefore, this can also be considered as a honor.
Interviewer: Have your life moved since then?
Mia : It moved since the first month. Everything was drastic and very fast. Two weeks later, I already was in the United States, where I lived alone six months, and was signed to a contract. Now I know that this type of things can happen.
Interviewer: These six months in the United States must have been a very different experience
Mia : That's right. The publishing company gave me money to live there and during this time to record the album. I recorded some songs and later they had asked me to come back to Portugal. I waited for them to contact me, but we had differents opinions. I wanted to make a type of true music, similar to me, and they wanted me to be more hip-hop. I explained them that I could not be that kind of musician and that it was better to leave the contract and start over independent. Now, I'm managed by the Cherry Entertainment.

Interviewer: Did you think that the record (with nextselection) would disappoint the people who have followed you trough net?
Mia :Yes, by the way, this was one of the reasons that I left. The record had nothing to see with the Mia Rose who touches her guitar in the room, in front of the camara. What I actually intended is to use my music, composed by me, and that I already recorded for You Tube, and some new songs and put them all on a CD.
Interviewer: You also recently had some singing lessons?
Mia : [laughs] That's true. Now I learned that I must breathe through the diaphragm and not through the nose. I also had guitar lessons (don't understand it here...). I am a perfectionist and I feel that this is very important. When I arrived in the U.S.A., they only wanted me to recorded fast, they didn't worried if I had singing lessons or guitar lessons. They wanted me to be a star. My true concern is to be an artist, not a star.

Interviewer: Are you prepared for the public exposition that this work can bring?
Mia : I know that this is not an easy life, but I only think about the fact that my music can touch the life of somebody. It is a risk but I am prepared to live.
Interviewer : You said that your desire is only to sing and not to become famous…
Mia : I want to be more recognized as a singer, as a writer of good music than as somebody that is famous. For me, this all has nothing to see with fame, it is all about the music.

Interviewer : You are writing music for your new album. Where do you get your inspiration?
Mia : In everything. I can write on my personal life, a friend, a hug, a rainy day. I feel inspired by any thing.
Interviewer: You left your studies to be dedicated to music. Did your parents accepted this decision?
Mia : I was studying Journalism and English Literature and I left of to be dedicated to music, but it does not mean that I will not come back to my studies in another height of my life. My parents support me in everything, but my mother was a little more relutant.

Interviewer: Do the people already recognize you on street?
Mia : Yes. [shy] They sometimes recognize me. But the funniest thing was when people recognized me in the end of Colbie Caillats concert and they had asked me if I was Mia Rose and had started to scream, pressuring me against the wall. I finished to sign tickets of Colbie Caillat, singing and taking photographs with the fans. [laughs]
Interviewer : Are you intimidated with this type of events?
Mia : Much. Although it is not visible, I am very shy and ashamed. But I have an alter-ego. When it happened to be standing for that group (of Colbie Caillat's concert), I was in shock, but later the feeling was confidential. (dont know if confidential is the good word for it :p)

Interviewer : You are already one year with Lourenço Ortigão. How did you met him?
Mia : It was during the time I worked in the restaurant of my father, three years ago, to acquire some experience. It was supper there and since then we were friends.When I came back definitively to Portugal, we started to love eachother.
Interviewer : Is he the person who stimulates you the most?
- Without a doubt Lourenço helps me immensly. He always says to fight for this dream,


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