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Ryan Leslie on new site and album cover

Over the last few days has opened and Ryan is writing some blogs on it himself, checkout his latest post:

Last month I visited Shade 45 Radio and announced that I’d be “launching the most unprecedented on-line campaign anyone has ever seen in history”:

I’ve watched labels and artists take advantage of the blueprint that I laid out in 2005 on and I’m happy to see that some have enjoyed incredible success with that model. Somehow, no-one’s been able to do it like we do it at NextSelection…you know, daily video updates from the artist. I stress DAILY, VIDEO, and ARTIST. That’s why I’m back to do it the way it’s supposed to be done.

I’ve read all the comments around the blogosphere (good and critical) of my album cover (shot by my friend Armen Djerrahian) and I say - it’s about the MUSIC. I know what I like - and if you like music that makes you feel good, I’m sure you’ll get into my album and into this right here:

I Know What You Like! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

When you watch the video again, make sure you look for the following NextSelection friends and family (in order of appearance): Zina Star, Rich Dollaz, Joy Leslie, Steven Galgano, Evan Rogers, Steve Graham, Brandon Fletcher, Willie Caba, Mike Norris, the top of Ed Woods’ head, Shiv Pandya, Yamill Vallecillo, Fabrizio Brienza (blurry on the couch), NoĆ©mie Lenoir, Jose “Jaq” Quezada, Debbie Weinberg, & Daytona Jones.

…And on my album cover - shout out to Corey Shapiro for the vintage Ray-Ban frames, Lyndon Mackenzie @ Reiss for the v-neck, Roger Hinds (my tailor in Boston) for the jeans, Dean & Dan Caten (as well as Rigo Lora and Anna Voorhees) of DSquared2 for the chain. Frida Giannini from Gucci…though I’ve


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