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Miaarose is back on YouTube!

Mia has gotta be Queen of comebacks on YouTube! she always goes away but always comes back, I had a feeling she would have a new video soon!

Heres Mia's new video, her own original song 'Friends in Love'

Heres the lyrics:
Stop playing with my heart the way you're doing
You keep pushing me away, then your pulling me right back in
Playing these games when you know im already falling

Stop speaking through the lines and say it bluntly
tired of reading through your smiles to see the truth behind
This circle of two thats leaving me always hoping

I wait for you to come and save me
I Hope that you will come and show me
and tell me...

That you cant take me off your mind
That you were just scared to read the signs
That we could actually be something more then friends in love
Then I would tell all the things
That I have been to let you know
and we could actually be something more the friends in love

Stop making me a fool to think you need me
Stayed true to your life through the ups and downs
waiting for moments im scared might never happen

Cuz i cant stop thinking about the future
and if you cant start telling me your feelings
Im gonna have to find someone that completes me
If you wont tell me that you..


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