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Leona Lewis in LA

Princess Leona was spotted out in LA this week with no make up getting some coffee, alot of the tabloids are saying shes put on alot of weight and talking about it.. do they not have anything better to do with there time then trying to put the girl down.. thats how you cause eating disorders.. saying shes getting fatter and fatter and obviously leona will come across at least one of the articles.. shes looks beautiful and i dont think she has put on weight, if she lost any they still would be complaining .. the girl cant win .. as Britney Spears says: Im misses shes to big now shes too thin!

Leona is finding it difficult out in LA as she is missing her boyfriend and family as shes been there a long time now working on her album.. she will be back in studio with Ryan Tedder soon!

Cant wait to hear her new album.. its going to be HUGE!


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